25 Years of Experience

Holistic Growth

Vision of our Founder Rajiv is to have Holistic Growth for all the stakeholders which includes our team members, our esteemed customers, our suppliers and our vendors. Each one of them contribute in our Growth Journey.

By Holistic Growth we mean
·         Physical Wellbeing and Growth
·         Mental Wellbeing and Growth
·         Emotional Wellbeing and Growth
·         Financial Wellbeing and Growth
·         Social Wellbeing and Growth
·         Spiritual Wellbeing and Growth

By physical Wellbeing we mean maintenance of the body physically as well as the physical outreach of the company.

Mental Wellbeing and Growth is of the mind is striving towards attaining a happy culture of working together and bringing in the internal and external balance

Emotional Wellbeing and Growth to build the resilience and move ahead in spite of all the challenges

Financial Wellbeing and Growth to improve the quality of our lives everyday

Social Wellbeing and Growth to make our relationship bonding attain deeper levels

Spiritual Wellbeing and Growth wherein we work towards making our work as our meditation.

Our Work Culture

We intend to have a culture of care and grow holistically. With this value we tend to bring in fun at the workplace with our regular mediation sessions, yoga sessions, safety sessions, games and fun filled outings.

Our Brand Values

·         Quality
·         Trust
·         Reliability
·         On Time Delivery
·         Ethical Conduct
·         Respect
·         Happy Customer


·          Multiple brands under one roof.
·          24 Years of care and trust for customers.
·          Reliable parts for your machines.
·         Quick Response and Fast Delivery
·         Build Honest and Relationship with Customer.
·         Source Parts after Deep Research.
·         Best Return Policy.
·         After Sales Support.


Our vision is to be the Leading Distributor Globally and Grow Holistically.



Our mission is to help customers obtain high quality and durable products with reliable and affordable service.


Our Values

We value building healthy relationships with our team & Customers. We are committed to consistent growth compassionately. Our integrity lies in our authenticity. Work as Meditation.