MAHAVEER DISTRIBUTORS offers a large selection of HYDRAULIC ROCK BREAKERS that are compatible with all popular brands of backhoe loaders, skid-steer loaders, medium class excavators, and mini excavators, with capacities ranging from 1 to 30 MTKJIN ROCK BREAKER models provide the finest out of all other models. Our breakers are used with numerous other brands of excavators both domestically and abroad. To book Contact @+91 91487 08505

  • Hydraulic rock breaker
  • KJIN Rock Breaker Models

Hydraulic rock breaker

HYDRAULIC ROCK BREAKER is a large percussive hammer mounted on an excavator for breaking up rocks or concrete. It is powered by the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic system, which has a foot-operated valve installed for this use. Mahaveer distributors provides all type of HYDRAULIC ROCK BREAKER. For works too big for jackhammering or in locations where blasting is not feasible due to safety or environmental concerns, demolition workers use the rock breaker.

Applications for ROCK BREAKERS include mining and landscaping. The rock breaker can be both stationary and mobile, but because it is more adaptable, it is most frequently used as a mobile tool.

Kjin Rock Breaker Models

12 various varieties of  KJIN ROCK BREAKERS are available through Mahaveer distributors, ranging from modest 1.5 ton micro excavators to bigger 38 tonne KJIN Rock breaker models. KJIN Rock breaker is an excavator or backhoe equipped with a strong percussive hammer for breaking rocks or concrete. The machine’s auxiliary hydraulic system, which has a foot-operated valve for this reason, powers the device.

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Conquest HYDRAULIC BREAKERS from Mahaveer distributors are made with efficiency, reduced machine wear, and increased output in mind. They are reliable and efficient for a variety of tasks, such as demolition, excavation, slab, road, and sidewalk building, as well as rock, concrete, and other material breaking. Conquest Attachments hydraulic breakers are serviced by Mahaveer distributors, who also offer a thorough 1-year warranty.


Mahaveer Distributors has relied on our in-house shop crew to care for and keep up all of our own equipment for many years. Our staff at Mahaveer Distributors is now prepared to assist you. In order to provide repair and maintenance on a wider scale, we recently increased the size of our crew. We are eager to establish connections with the local industries we support.


Which company offers best HYDRAULIC ROCK BREAKER?

Mahaveer distributors offers the best hydraulic rock breaker.

Which company provides hydraulic rock breaker in most affordable prices?

Mahaveer distributors provides hydraulic rock breaker in most affordable prices.

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