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  •  What is hydraulic pump?
  • Types of Hydraulic Pumps
  • Hydraulic pumps components

What is hydraulic pump?

An apparatus called a hydraulic pump converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. A HYDRAULIC PUMP serves two purposes when it runs. First, due to mechanical action, a vacuum is created at the pump’s inlet, allowing liquid from the reservoir to be forced into the pump’s inlet line by air pressure. Second, it drives this liquid into the hydraulic system by delivering it to the pump output by mechanical action. A pump does not create pressure; rather, it causes the flow of liquid. It generates the flow required for the creation of pressure, which is a function of the system’s fluid flow resistance.

Types of Hydraulic Pumps

GEAR PUMPS – The GEAR PUMP is the most widely used design for hydraulic systems mounted on trucks. This design is distinguished by having fewer moving components, being simple to maintain, tolerating contamination better than other designs, and being reasonably priced.

PISTON PUMPS – PISTON PUMPS are frequently utilized when high operating pressures are required. With comparable displacements, piston pumps will typically withstand higher pressures than GEAR PUMPS. However, piston pumps have a higher initial cost, lower resistance to contamination, and increased complexity.

VANE PUMPS – Utility vehicles like aerial buckets and ladders once frequently utilized vane pumps. Nowadays, gear pumps are more widely accepted and accessible, so vane pumps are less frequently found on these mobile (truck-mounted) hydraulic systems.

CLUTCH PUMPS – A clutch pump is a small displacement gear pump with an electromagnetic clutch that is driven by a belt, much like the air conditioner compressor in a car. When the driver flips a switch inside the truck cab, it becomes operational.

DUMP PUMPS – The dump pump is one of the many varieties of hydraulic pumps and is the most well-known. This kind of pump is frequently used in dumping applications, including tandem axle dump trucks and dump trailers. 

REFUSE PUMPS – Pumps for garbage disposal systems come in both dry valve and Live Pak varieties. Both have the ability to produce full flow when needed but both save fuel when in the OFF mode.

Hydraulic pumps components

The hydraulic pump consists of ten parts. HYDRAULIC PUMPS, which are the lifeblood of hydraulic systems, need a number of essential parts to work properly. These include the casing, runner wheels, shaft, bearings, seals, oil tank, pipelines, contact with an electrical, hydraulic activator, and relief valve.


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